Swim Note FAQ [En]

How to delete workout / swim meet item?

Left swipe the item which you want to delete on Activity view. Then red trash icon will appear on the right side of the cell.

What is the brown button on the left side of the red trash icon?

This will duplicate the item.

How can I save the workout as a new workout? (Old version has this function)

This function is obsolete. You can use duplicate function instead of this function.

What does the buttons mean that are shown after left-swipe the workout detail item?

The green button will add new item right after the item. Brown one will duplicate the item.

I will use only Workout or Swim Meet function. I don’t need to choose after I have tapped “+” button at upper-right of the Activity view.

You can change behavior of “+” button by Setting -> “+” button’s action.

I want to add/delete/modify workout style for distance.

You can modify the list by Settings -> WORKOUT SELECTION LIST DEFINITION -> Style List / Distance List. If you want to add or delete item, tap EDIT button at the upper-right of the screen. You can modify the value just tap the item which is shown in the list.

What is “Edit mode when open” in Workout / Swim Meet settings?

When you tap the items in Activity view, you will see detail view of them. If this switch turned on, the item which you select can be edit soon. If this switch is turned off, you can modify it after the EDIT button tapped at the upper-right of the screen.

I don’t use some of carts in Statistics view.

You can select chart that you want to show by Settings -> STATISTICS SETTINGS.

What does the number of app icon mean? Can I hide this?

This means dates to the next Swim Meet. You can hide this by Settings -> Swim Meet Countdown switch.