Body Temperature Note

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Application summary

Body Temperature Note is an app for recording the body temperature of a family or small group of people on a daily basis.

It features an easy to use interface for registering the body temperature of multiple people at the same time. The app is designed to manage only body temperature and minimal notes, not to manage detailed information. The following are some of the other features of this product. If you want to manage it in detail, please consider another app.


  • You can register multiple people’s body temperatures at the same time from one screen.
  • Displays temperature trends in a graph (the main screen shows the past 7 times, the detail screen shows all of them).
  • Calendar view is available.
  • Extremely different values from normal can be excluded from the calculation of average body temperature.
  • The body temperature of one representative can be linked to the Health App.
  • All data can be exported to CSV file.