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Application summary

ROADSTOCK is application to keep a record of the touring of a car or motorcycle. In addition to GPS log, it is intended to record of the information of the road and the place where you dropped in at, refueling and the maintenance as possible automatically.


Another purpose of this app is to allow you to manage a refueling record and the maintenance record by one application. Therefore you can use it for fuel management or maintenance management.

ROADSTOCK is application specialized in a car, a motorcycle. This app cannot acquire the log of a bicycle and the running.


ROADSTOCK uses GPS and a motion sensor. In addition, mobile network communication frequently to get name of the road. They will dramatically reduce device battery life, so please connect external power supply. GPS is not always accurate due to device hardware sensor limitations. Make sure that you have location services enabled for this app.


Vehicle Management

  • Manage car or motorcycle (up to 5 vehicles in this version)
  • Manage service data of each vehicle. It is intend to be used as memos such as tire air pressure and quantity of oil, the tightening torque. This app provide sample data, but they are just sample. You should put your own data what you need.

Touring Management

  • GPS logging of your driving / riding
  • Add a stop event automatically when you stop for several minutes (by default, three minutes)
  • When you start driving / riding again, this app restart GPS logging automatically
  • Set the name, photograph addition, icon changing are possible for each event
  • When you get off a vehicle and walked around there, it is recognized as stopping by iPhone’s motion sensor
  • Add new event manually not only auto addition
  • Name of the road which you drove / rode is saved automatically by using location information
  • When you tap the road name on the timeline view, map will be moved to the road. Also you can tap the road on the map and then the timeline move to the road
  • Obtain the road name using Web API, so the timing of road changing is not correct, and network connection is required
  • Edit the road information on the route editor view after the touring is ended
  • When you pass the road which you passed before, this app use the information in this app
  • Record the distance and time of each section
  • Also calculate total time, driving / ride on time, average speed, max speed, and so on
  • Leave expense information of the touring
  • View all photo of each touring on photos tab
  • You can add star () to your favorite touring

Road Management

  • You can divide / connect each road of the touring, modify name of the road
  • Photos and memo can be attached to each road
  • You can rate (★★★★★) to the road to the five grade

Favorite () View

  • Favorite touring view
  • Favorite road view

Fuel Management

  • Manage fuel record of the vehicle regardless of the touring
  • Fuel economy is automatically calculated

Maintenance record

  • Manage maintenance record of the vehicle regardless of the touring
  • You can use this function like to do list
  • Filter the record by the name


  • Manage expense information such as tax, insurance of the vehicle

Export / Share

  • GPS log of the touring can be exported as GPX file
  • You can share the map or the timeline view of this app as image to Twitter, Facebook or mail.
  • Each event also can be shared


  • You can import GPX log to this app as touring information
  • While importing the GPX, stop event automatically added and driving / riding information will be divided into some sections. But it is not correct because GPX log does not have motion sensor information
  • You can add road name information for each driving / riding section